Location, Location, Location

Loei, North-East Thailand

Loei, North-East Thailand

We know where we’re going to be based!

Both of us will be teaching at the same school, (which is what we had hoped for) in a district called Mueang Loei within the province of Loei.

We don’t know a lot about the area as it’s quite rural and unsurprisingly there’s not a lot of websites that mention this specific area.

However, what we have learnt is that it’s one of the coolest parts of Thailand as it’s surrounded by mountains on three sides. This is good news to us as hopefully the humidity won’t be too bad compared to say Bangkok. But don’t worry, it’ll still be 32 degrees or so!

There’s also forest and it’s not far from the Mekong River, not to mention¬†there’s a hospital, a few schools and a university – all good job opportunities for us.

All in we’re pretty pleased as we think that Mueang Loei will make for a great introduction to the country and the cooler temperatures and relaxed way of living should help us acclimatize faster.

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