Young Learners

It’s official, both of us will be teaching young learners, so kids aged 6-11. (Basically the opposite of what we assumed, but it’s much better this way 🙂

There’s also at least two other interns going to Loei (BTW it’s pronounced ‘Loy’) and one of them, Zoe, will even be at our school – Muang Loei school. Which is good news as we thought it was just us. A lot of people (about 20) have been placed in Surin which is where they hold the annual elephant festival in the North East, and some people don’t know anything other than the age group they’ll be teaching. I guess we were lucky to have our school reply as quickly as they did.


Jack and I have just finished our 20 hour teaching techniques course and we both had a chance to practice teaching the rest of the class. Jack was in a pair and had to teach the vocabulary of vehicles using two different types of activity. Whilst I was also in a pair and had to teach four new animals using a song and a drawing activity. It went very well and we both received lots of praise from our teacher, James and the rest of the group. So we’re feeling pretty confident about next week.

The training itself has been a rehash of the TEFL course we completed online but with a young learner focus on activities. This has mostly meant playing lots of kid games and taking it in turns to be teacher/student and implementing the techniques we’ve learnt.

Our course trainer, James is very relaxed and obviously enjoys his job. He’s been teaching for 20 years and all over the world. Next week he’s off to China. Jack mentioned to him that we were interested in teaching in other countries and he’s said to just email him when we’re ready if we need any help/advice, which is really cool.


Last night there was a huge thunder and lightning storm that woke everyone up around 2am. It sounded like it was right above the hotel. It’s been raining heavy ever since and apparently it’s set to continue into the weekend, so I’m hoping it won’t flood! I’m glad I packed my brolly!

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2 thoughts on “Young Learners

  1. tricia sail

    Hope your both well and enjoying yourselves!!!!!! Loving your posts!! Xx

    • Hi Trish, glad you’re enjoying the posts. It’s certainly an experience! We’re now in our proper accommodation so should get interesting over the next couple of weeks! x

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