Bangkok Tour

Today we had a half day tour of Bangkok.

First of all we drove through Bangkok where our guide pointed out some of the sights including the King’s residence and the Grand Palace as well as telling us about the history of Siam.

Our first stop was Wat Pho, which is a Buddhist temple in the Phra Nakhon district of Bangkok. Wat Pho is home to the Reclining Buddha which is apparently the second largest in Thailand but the most beautiful. It’s made from cement and then covered in gold leaf with mother of pearl on it’s feet.

Aside from the giant Buddha there are lots of other statues and intricately designed temple buildings.

Next we went to Siam Museum, the museum focuses on the history of Thailand and it’s transition from ancient Siam to modern day Thailand. It was interesting and luckily a lot was in English.

After about an hour at the museum we were taken for some much needed lunch, and everyone was really happy to be told it would be at a pizzeria.Β (At the hotel we’ve mostly been having rice and fish curry, except curry is more like soup.)

So we had a feast of pizza, lasagne, pasta, garlic bread, chips & ice cream πŸ˜€

Then we headed back to the hotel for 2pm as everyone is still pretty jet lagged and exhausted from the intensive training week we’ve just had. Not to mention everyone has some kind of bug at the moment, personally I’ve had some kind of flu thing since Monday that is finally on it’s way out.

We’ll be checking out of the hotel Sunday around 9pm so we can take an overnight bus to Loei. I’ve been told we’ll arrive about 8am so it’s going to be a long one! Then we have a tour around Muang Loei with our co-ordinator called Sax, who’s lovely. We’re looking forward to checking out our apartment and where everything is in relation to us and the school ready for work later next week.

I don’t know what the internet situation will be so it might be a while before I update again or it might be Monday if we have it in our apartment πŸ™‚


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2 thoughts on “Bangkok Tour

  1. Valentina


    All the pictures and stories sound amazing!! Loved the sleeping Buddha πŸ™‚ it is just so different. Seems like you are touching history.. Glad all ok and you are moving on to ‘your’ place.

    Hope you had a nice trip to Loie and settling in ok. Good luck for your first lessons – I’m sure you both be great!!

    Nice to read your stories. Keep them coming πŸ™‚

    Speak soon,

    Valentina xx

    • Hey Vally! Glad you’re enjoying the photos, I really liked visiting the temple, you’re right it’s just so different to what we have in the UK.
      We’ve just arrived in Loei and luckily there’s decent wifi!
      Speak soon x

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