Arrival in Loei

So after another really long 10 hour journey we’re now in North-Eastern Thailand, in Loei.

We need to go out and buy some things as basically it’s unfurnished and we need duvets, pillows, toiletries, cleaning stuff and some food! I’m starving, my last meal was 3pm Sunday, it’s now almost 12pm Monday… the hotel didn’t put on food in the evening and we had to check out as soon as we got back from town and just wait to be picked up from the hotel foyer.

The room itself has a giant bed, a desk, 2 chairs, a TV, air-con, a fan, 2 wardrobes, and a fridge freezer. There’s also a small balcony area and the bathroom is western with a shower in the style of a wet room.

The apartment building is shared with local officials, teachers and some students from the local colleges. It’s a five minute walk to the school where Jack and I will be teaching and there’s plenty of food stalls that open after 10am just down the road from us.

The coach ride here was better than the one to Heathrow, it was a VIP coach and the chairs properly reclined and had foot rests, pillows and blankets… we were given some food but it was a bread roll stuffed with a sweet potato so after we watched Zoe try it we decided not to.

We arrived in Loei and it is quite a big place with seemingly lots of pop-up shops and stalls everywhere. We had a quick tour with Sax of where the schools are and the important places but I think the best way to describe it is that it’s very spread out – we’ll likely need to get a Tuk-Tuk to get around to some of the markets and bigger shops away from the schools.

It’s also a LOT cooler here. It’s still warm by UK standards and it’s definitely flip flop weather , but there’s no humidity in the same way as Bangkok and because of the mountains it’s quite a foggy area so the sun isn’t going to burn you either.

So here’s some photos:

Last night in Bangkok.

Our studio apartment in Loei and the view:

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One thought on “Arrival in Loei

  1. tricia sail

    Lovig the updates! Hope your both doingwell and you settle into ur appartment!!! X

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