Pools and Parks

Today we explored the far end of town via Tuk-Tuk and stopped off at the Loei Palace hotel to use their pool. The hotel is quite posh inside and the pool was amazing – cold water outside pool when it’s 30 degrees – just what we needed.

Not far from the hotel is the public park which we took a short stroll through. We decided to go across what (at the time) looked like the only footbridge across the river. The bridge (pictured below) was extremely wobbly (much worse than the one at Exeter Quay) and it was literally swaying from side to side!! After we reached the other side there was a sign next to it all in Thai. I’m guessing it said ‘do not use,’ you live and learn. I got some good photos of the river from the bridge though.

We also explored the rest of the main town as due to the heat we’ve only been able to venture 20 mins into town so far before we’ve had to stop and get a drink where there’s air con or turn back. So by taking the tuk-tuk to the opposite end of town and then walking back we forced ourselves to see the areas we hadn’t covered. See the pictures above of the town.

As a result I’ve finally caught a decent amount of sun. Now I just need all my new freckles to join up and maybe I’ll get a tan! :p

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One thought on “Pools and Parks

  1. june welland

    hi sam you sound if you r both enjoying your stay just back from the sun in the caneries enjoying your travels mum and i might get out to c u that hotel looks pretty good love to you both nan x x

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