Butterfly and Orchid farm

After the trip to see the elephants we were taken to a butterfly and orchid farm which we didn’t really see the point of as there weren’t many butterflies and we would have preferred longer at the elephant camp instead but here’s some photos:

Later that night we walked to the centre of Chiang Mai’s old city and found a huge temple area. Unfortunately we weren’t dressed appropriately to go inside but I took some (blurry) photos of the outside area in the dark (my camera doesn’t like the dark) and then we went back in the day time later in the week.

And some more:

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6 thoughts on “Butterfly and Orchid farm

  1. love orchids !! 🙂 🙂

    • 🙂 I have nothing against them myself, I just wanted more time with the elephants as it was all a bit of a rush.

      • eve lacey

        hi sam and jack sounds as if you had a good time . although back to work now.I hope your really enjoying the experience make the most of it all .luv to you both take care of each other elmo nanv

      • Hi Nan, yeah we did enjoy Chiang Mai – it was a nice place to visit and be a tourist for a while and we’re glad we got to do as much as we did.
        But it’s nice to get into a routine with work as well as we’ve not had that so far. xx

      • june welland

        hi sam enjoying your travels you lucky pair glad u enjoyed elephants i did in sir lanka thanks for card lovely to hear from you keep it up its brill to c what u r doing lots of love nan x x

      • Hi Nan, glad the postcards finally arrived! We’re really glad we got to ride on an elephant, it’s something Jack especially has wanted to do since we started planning our trip. Not sure I’d do it again though as once was enough, lol. xx

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