Doi Suthep

Whilst in Chiang Mai we booked a tour for Doi Suthep which also included a visit to the nearby hill tribe.

The hill tribe used to make a living through opium but have since turned their attentions to tourism. Our guide took us to the highest point of the mountain, beyond the temple, to find this hill tribe and we got some stunning views along the often scarily windy, narrow road.

Once we entered the small village there was a huge market where the local people were selling all sorts of things including woolly hats! At the furthest point was a waterfall and some spectacular views of the alpine forested mountains. Jack wanted to climb everything and so I have photos of him stood in front of the waterfall and looking up at him from a look-out point. I used the steps instead.

Here’s some photos:

Afterwards we ventured down towards the temple again where we took the cable car up and the steps back down.

Our guide’s English was fairly good and he was able to tell us more about what we were looking at so I’d say it was definitely worth going on a guided tour rather than just showing up – unlike the elephant camp where you could definitely just show up and have the same experience without a guide.

There’s a story about how the temple at Doi Suthep came to be, in short an old king placed a magical relic on the back of a white elephant which was then released into the jungle. The elephant is said to have climbed the mountain, circled and trumpeted three times before dying. The king took this as a sign and ordered that a temple be built there. This is how legend says Wat Phra That Doi Suthep came to be.

Here’s some photos:

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One thought on “Doi Suthep

  1. june welland

    hi sam feel tired reading about bankok at least live is never dull even though food is becoming a luxury ha ha much better looking at lovely scenery than boring bank notes love your updates keep them coming lots of love nan x x

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