Huai Nam Man Lake

On Saturday we went to a lake with the other interns and a bunch of Thai people they’d met. The lake is called Huai Nam Man and you can find it on Google map (it’s the blue blob to the west of Loei) it was about a 20 minute drive. You definitely wouldn’t be able to walk it. So the Thai people had a pickup truck and all the farangs piled into the back (a new experience for us both) and off we whizzed round the mountain roads.

The point of going to the lake is that it has quite a novel way of enjoying it. You pay to board a raft and they move you out to the middle of the lake where they drop a stone for an anchor and this is your diving off point if you want to swim or if you’re like us a place to watch the scenery and read a book for a few hours.

Each raft has a flag that you can raise when you want to order food or come back in to shore. The Thai people did all of the food ordering for us but somehow managed to over order and we ended up with quite a large pile of food down the centre. The food we did manage to eat was nice but there was way too much even for 16 of us.

Here’s some photos:

We’ve been feeling a bit of cabin fever recently – there’s not a lot to do in Loei and since we don’t have transportation we’re dependant on public buses that only go to so many places and also cost quite a bit as well. Tomorrow is a day off in Thailand as it’s constitution day so we’re going to go to the bus station and make a list of all of the places that we could potentially get to and then research what we can do once we get there.

This coming weekend we’ve planned a trip to Udon Thani which is about 3hrs from us and is the 4th largest city in Thailand. Basically, they have a huge shopping mall (like the one in Chiang Mai) and aside from shops and restaurants they also have a cinema that shows English language films, so we plan on seeing The Hobbit 2. Can’t wait!

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  1. nice photos 🙂

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