It’s cold outside

Last Sunday after finishing our Skype chats the heavens opened and it began to absolutely chuck it down. We’d only joked about this just before on Skype and suddenly it was raining – the first time it’s rained here in Loei since our arrival in October.

It didn’t flood. It rained all night and most of the following day but it didn’t flood. What it did do was plummet the temperature from a roasting average of 30 degrees to about 20 degrees at it’s peak at midday and in the mornings and evenings are about 10-15 degrees.

I am freezing cold. You’ll probably laugh especially back in the UK where I know you’ve got high’s of 10 degrees and storms but my blood thinned quicker than I thought it would and I guess we did get used to the heat, because on Friday I went to school wearing the coat I brought with me from the UK and a scarf with my breath fogging in front of me as we walked in.

I’ve discovered a downside to living in a normally hot country. They don’t prepare for winter properly. Sure, you can buy a coat, a scarf, even a bobble hat. But there’s no heating, our shower although apparently electric is icy cold and only gets upto lukewarm at midday. Braving the ice water every morning at 6am to wash my hair puts me in a great mood to start the day. The ‘windows’ in our apartment aren’t made with glass. They are holes cut out into the open air with a mesh grill to stop mosquitos. It’s great when it’s warm, but when it rains all the water comes in and when it’s cold it’s like living in a windtunnel.

The bathroom that is set up to be a wet room (not a design I’m fond of as everything gets wet, including the loo roll) doesn’t have a chance to dry out as it’s not warm enough. This has led to it becoming a literal ice rink where the tiles are freezing cold and wet in the morning, after you’ve just about managed to climb out of bed from under a warm duvet and a blanket. It’s a bit of a shock to the system.

Apparently it could be like this until the end of January or it could just start to heat up again in a week or so. I’m just glad I decided to bring a pair of jeans with me as today I was walking around in midday sun with jeans, a t-shirt, a cardigan and boots and I was still chilly when we were sat indoors! It’s 22 degrees according to my weather app.

What is cute is seeing all of the kids coming to school wearing full on wooly hats and gloves with big coats and them being too cold to take them off during lessons.

This weekend we decided not to go travelling around Loei as we’re going to have a bit of a new year blow out next weekend in Udon Thani and you know, it’s cold! πŸ˜›

This morning we went to visit a friend who has his own English learning centre. He had organised a morning of xmas activities for the younger kids, some of whom we teach at our school. I took some photos of the games they were playing and Jack got involved in a variant of musical chairs.

Kids Xmas party photos:

Here’s a video:

In other news, we’ve been approached by someone at the school who can speak Thai and English who has offered us to work after school using the school facilities to teach privately for some extra cash. Just what we were looking for, as it’s more the area we’ll be looking to go into post Thailand.

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3 thoughts on “It’s cold outside

  1. june welland

    hi sam & jack xmas was different hope the steak was tender just been to bournemouth for a couple nights manic there must say u both seem to be enjoying and getting the most out of the trip keep coming with all the info love it have a good new year lots of love nan x x

  2. Amanda

    Hi Mr and Mrs Elliott
    Just checked out your blog and I love it! you really paint a picture and it certainly sounds like you have no regrets about making the move.Wanted to drop by and wish you both a Happy Christmas love Amanda

    • Hi Amanda,
      Good to hear from you! I’m glad you like the blog πŸ™‚
      We’re happy we made the move but we’ll likely be going to Europe after Thailand as we’re missing the home comforts, lol.
      Merry Xmas to you too, don’t work too hard!
      Best wishes, Sam & Jack xx

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