A Thai Christmas

Our Christmas was a mix of a normal work day infused by Christmassy things.

Despite being told a variety of things were going to happen and then finding out at the last-minute what was actually happening (the Thai way) we had 1.5 hours of Christmas this morning which was in the TV room – so-called, because there’s a camera that films you live and then this is broadcast all over the school via a TV screen in each classroom.

The morning began with various student performances including some P2 students in big wigs and xmassy outfits dancing to a Thai xmas song and a P5 class dancing to Mariah Carey’s: “All I want for Xmas is you.”

Here’s the rehearsal video:

DSC_1406 < My P5 students.

I wrote a speech for the Director of the school to read out in English as an opener to the morning. I have a video but the sound is too low to bother posting it here, but it went rather well since I think English is his third language and he’s still learning.

DSC_1421 <The Director.

One of my P5 students who had previously won a storytelling competition acted-out the story of Hansel and Gretel, she is very good at English.

For our part we had to find a youtube video that told the nativity story and then ask the students some questions based on the video. Winners all received a stack of crisps.

At the end of the morning we were all pulled on stage to sing “We Wish You A Merry Christmas,” and then pose for photos with all of the Directors and kids. It went very smoothly especially since we had no idea what was happening until this Monday. Also, all of the decorations in the background were handmade by us, mostly Zoe, but we all put them up.


After the festivities we had normal classes for the rest of the day but I only had one either side of lunch and we were given permission to teach them Jingle Bells, which worked quite well in one of my classes as I was able to play the Frank Sinatra version on my Kindle over the mic so the whole class could hear it. My other class were far too hyper and instead they learnt what a reindeer is and were drawing pictures for most of the hour.

For dinner we splashed out and had a steak at the best place in town.


Tomorrow I don’t have much on as I only have two classes in the afternoon that are likely to be cancelled due to sports practice and then Friday will be sports day.

We’re looking forward to going to Udon Thani again at the weekend which for us will be our real Christmas. But it definitely wasn’t a bad Christmas, it’s just strange seeing blue skies, 25 degree weather and working on Christmas Day. It’ll certainly be a day we won’t forget.

Merry Christmas.

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One thought on “A Thai Christmas

  1. eve lacey

    just wanted to wish you both a happy new year and all the best for 2014 an d a happy new year to all your students lots of luv nan lacey

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