Updates and Where Next?

 What do you think of the new updates? I made the banner at the top of the page from some of the photos I’ve taken whilst here, I think it’s more fitting than the previous one of a Scottish Loch I had.

I’ve also added a new section called ‘Travel Resoures’ it’s mostly a place for me to add any information that might prove useful to someone considering doing what we have. As I’m from the UK it is UK centric but you get the gist I think.

Drum roll please!                   …                    ….

We’ve decided where we want to go next… well, after the beach, and that’s Shanghai, China.

This week we’ve been preparing various documents including our CVs, cover letters etc and we’re in contact with an agent from the company we came here with who will be introducing us to some of their partner schools in Shanghai.

ShanghaiSkylineWhy China?shanghai-skyline_b

Originally we had our hearts set on Austria and more specifically, Vienna. Reason being that I’m a creature of comfort and miss living in a city where there’s stuff to do and a large variety of food to eat without having to travel long distances. Also, because the UK is part of the EU it would mean no visas or red tape where work is concerned. The catch is that the demand for TEFL teachers isn’t as high as say, China and whilst we’re over in this part of the world with plenty still to see it makes sense to postpone Europe until after we’re done with Asia.

As I mentioned, I like cities, so does Jack, so when looking at a map of China where better than the largest city on the planet? Shanghai.

We ruled out Beijing immediately after rural China because the smog problem is worse there than Shanghai (which is pretty bad still) and Hong Kong was ruled out because of the cost of living being too high.

The plan is to get a well paid gig at a learning centre and live in a one bed appartment in a high rise preferably not too far from work or some of the action. Most of the companies (if not all) appear to offer housing assistance so we should be OK, and as mentioned we have a man on the inside helping us with the job aspect.

The plus to being based in Shanghai is that we’re incredibly close to both South Korea and Japan – there are ferries that can take you from Shanghai port to both. The hope is that we can get a multiple entry visa which will allow us to leave the country if and when we so choose.

So now we’re just applying for various roles in Shanghai before we finish our internship in March. We’re still planning on going down to the beaches before we fly out but we’re keeping a close eye on what’s happening in Bangkok as elections are supposed to happen Feb 2nd and we’re not sure yet, but we could be finishing up here the first or second week of March.

We even have a plan for when we finish up in China (12 months later) we intend on taking the Trans-Mongolian Express from Beijing through the Gobi desert, Mongolia, Siberia, Russia and ending in Moscow a week later. Mainly because it’s not far off the cost of two plane tickets to Europe and it’s a cool way to see a large chunk of countries we wouldn’t otherwise get to see. But lets get to China first.

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