Ups and Downs

Just a quick update:

We’re still here we’ve just been busy job hunting for China and researching companies.

It’s a bit of an arduous process to say the least but so far so good in terms of feedback. We have a Skype interview booked for next week and plenty irons in the fire but due to Chinese New Year this weekend most places have shut up shop for a bit so we’re waiting to hear back.

At this point it’s not certain if we will be able to work in Shanghai or not due to experience requirements and city tiers that we were not aware of a few weeks ago, but we’re open to large cities in general and China has plenty of them to choose from so we’ll just have to wait and see what the best offer is.


We have time off from school this week as Loei is holding its annual cotton festival and our school’s grounds are being used for a large stage set up and market stalls. It’s on all week and aside from a Wednesday staff meeting we’ll have chance to peruse the stalls.

I’ve also managed to sprain my ankle by being silly and falling into a bathroom by missing the step into the room. It’s not a really bad sprain so it should be fine but I’ve been hobbling around Loei’s uneven road surfaces for three days now and it’s not something I’d recommend. That’s what I get for waving at kids as I’m rushing around I guess.

In other news, the pool is supposedly open again as of this weekend (due to the heat going back up to ridiculous) so we’re hoping we can have a nice swim tomorrow. Fingers crossed it’s deemed warm enough, lol.

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2 thoughts on “Ups and Downs

  1. nan lacey.

    Hi you two lovely reading about what your up two hope everything goes ok with the job hunting.Sorry its late Jack but just wanted to wish you alovely birthday.I hope you had a good day.Take care andluv nan.xx

    • Hi Nan, good to hear from you! Thanks, we celebrated Jack’s birthday on Valentines Day as it’s a national holiday in Thailand as it coincides with Buddha Day. So we spent the day eating lots of nice meals and doing a bit of shopping and then later watched a film online so he had a good day. xx

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