Valentine’s Day

February 14th in Thailand is Buddha Day which is a national holiday and so we had the day off school which for us was Valentine’s Day and the same week of Jack’s birthday so we had a combo day on Friday.

We spent the day moving from one eatery to the next generally scoffing as many nice meals as possible – waffles for breakfast, club sandwich for lunch and chicken steak for dinner it was a gastronomic feast by Loei standards.

We meandered around town looking down side streets we hadn’t noticed before and picking up a few things along the way. Our main success of the day though was not only finding a pair of converse to replace my beat-up trainers that were quite literally falling apart at the seams but we also managed to find new flip-flops for Jack that actually fit! A miracle in itself at UK size 11 in Loei! So he was very pleased.

Jack decided to uphold his tradition of showing me a horror movie on Valentine’s Day and we watched Cabin in the Woods which although I found to be a great film I wouldn’t recommend right before bed when you’re in a building with lax security features. I left the bathroom light on all night.

At school this week the kids had rolls of love heart stickers and the tradition is that they plaster themselves and teachers with them. Cue me being swallowed by a class of 50 nine-year-olds trying to tackle me with stickers and coming out the other side with a tonne of them plastered all over my shirt. It took over 20 minutes to get them all off at the end of the day to give you an idea of how many there were, and I now have a very stylish register covered in the remains of them. We also received a handful of fake red roses and I even had 4 real ones which were lovely.

All in all a great week.

I’ve now finished the syllabus that I was given at the beginning of term and we have approx three weeks left of teaching including exam week. So next week I’ll be coming up with something different and the week after that will be mock exams and then the final written. It’s going to go very quickly and soon we’ll be finished with the internship.

Next week I’ll be posting about what happens next 😉

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4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day

  1. june welland

    ihi looks like u r enjoying your last days just had a good fun wk in tenrife with terry she was 85 had loads of laughts meet a bgood crown. well soon of to china life looking good for u both happy b day to jack enjoy wk in bankong lots of love nan x x

    • Hi Nan, glad to hear you and Terry had a good holiday. Yeah, we’re just wrapping things up here in Loei before doing some travelling and then onto China 🙂 xx

  2. nan lacey.

    Sounds as if you both had a really good valentines dayglad it went well.luv to you both nan.xx

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