Sleeper Train

After leaving Loei bright and early on Wednesday morning we got on the morning bus to Udon Thani where we stayed another night at the Irish Clock, one of our favourite haunts.

We had asked the owner if he could help us with booking onward travel tickets and he had come through and got us tickets in a 1st class cabin on the following night’s sleeper train to Bangkok, where we are now.

We found the sleeper train was much more comfortable than a VIP night bus as we did actually get some sleep but it was quite noisy going along the tracks and the arm rail for the upper bunk made a loud vibrating noise. We didn’t buy any food on board as we had acquired a pizza to sneak on with but there were two free bottles of water, a pillow each and a heavy blanket each. There was also a squat toilet at the end of the corridor that was pretty bad as the flush didn’t work but the cabin itself was cosy and had just about enough room for both of us and our luggage.
Jack (being tall) had enough head and leg room so he could sit up-right without hunching which was pretty good as we had wondered if it would be a bit claustrophobic being in a bunk, but he was fine. The train staff woke everyone up at 5am to change the beds over into seats which seemed a bit early given it was another hour before we got into Bangkok but overall it was a fun experience and definitely better than going by bus.
Here’s some pics of our 1st class cabin:

We’re now in a hostel based near the main train station in central Bangkok where we’ll be until next Thursday before going to Pattaya for a week.

This weekend we’ll be getting our medical checks done for our Chinese work visas and after that we’re looking to do some day tripping and exploring around Bangkok.

We’ll be putting the bulk of our luggage in storage sometime next week so there won’t be many updates between now and Kunming in mid-April as we’ll be travelling after Pattaya to Cambodia to see Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Phnom Phen and then through to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam before back to Bangkok to complete the paperwork for our Chinese visa before eventually flying out to Kunming, China mid-April-ish – at which point I imagine I’ll have a tonne of photos/updates 🙂

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