Left Overs

I have a bunch of photos that don’t really fit together so here’s some pic spam for you to enjoy of our time so far in Bangkok.

We had the nicest taxi driver ever take us through central Bangkok during afternoon rush-hour and (because the meter was on) it was a pittance in comparison to the Tuk-Tuk prices. The guy spoke enough English that we had a decent conversation about travel around Thailand. Whilst we were caught in a jam there were some men selling various items on the street, walking between the cars, the driver called one over and brought me a lovely flower bracelet made of real flowers (no charge.) He did tells us what the flowers were called in Thai but I don’t remember now, but he said they were very popular in Thailand. Below are some pics:

The shopping malls here in Bangkok are immense but one of the best things is the variety of food available. We went to a food court where Jack had sushi and I had a pizza and we were able to sit at the same table even though it was from different stands, it was great. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera with me when Jack did an Onizuka and had two platters of sushi to himself but I did get a snap of some good ol’ fish n’ chips 🙂  

Here’s some pics of the train station near to where we’re staying, Hua Lamphong station, central Bangkok. We were there early this morning and at 8am everyone stands to attention as the Thai national anthem plays and the station police/guards salute in formation. Sadly no photos of this as you’re not supposed to move and I didn’t want to cause a scene.

And here’s some pics of Jack’s favourite dog in Loei. He’s called Ice Cream and would hang out in the waffle place we’d visit at the weekend and when he saw us he’d start barking and sometimes growling but he was kinda fluffy and with his short legs and big coat he was always waddling around so he wasn’t very intimidating.

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2 thoughts on “Left Overs

  1. june welland

    ihi sam life is very interesting for you both glad u r enjoying city life love how u always mention FOOD ha ha would love to send a cake full of cream anyhow u both r looking good make the most of it nothing gets wasted in china best of luck love to u both nan x x

    • Thanks Nan. Maybe one day I’ll start a food blog? haha. Life is definitely interesting for us at the moment and we’re both looking forward to China but at the moment we’re being tourists and having a holiday 🙂 xx

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