Back in the Big Mango

We’re back in Bangkok after flying in from Hanoi yesterday and we’ve just collected all of our stuff from storage so I’m in the middle of uploading about 1500 photos (no, seriously).

Our trip around South-East Asia lasted a considerable amount of time longer than we expected as we’re still waiting on our visa documents from China… we’ve been kept in the loop by the school who have been battling with Chinese red tape and a woman who pretended to lose my application before miraculously finding it again after a bollocking, but we’ve been told to expect the documents in the next week or so and that’s why I’m currently sat in the heat wave that is Bangkok and not the eternal spring of Kunming.

Soon (once all the photos are uploaded) I’ll start posting a series of blog posts and pic spams all about our adventures starting with Pattaya, Thailand to Cambodia and ending in Hanoi, Vietnam.

All in all we had a great time travelling but it’s nice to be back in familiar territory where we speak a bit of the language and know where to go for food etc and we’re both really looking forward to setting up a base in China and starting teaching again. I miss the routine and personally don’t know how some other travel bloggers can just endlessly travel without having a job to go to (despite working online) without feeling a bit lost at sea.

Still it’s nice to have the opportunity to see places we never thought we would and be safe in the knowledge that we have a job just around the corner.


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2 thoughts on “Back in the Big Mango

  1. nan lacey.

    Its lovely to hear from you both and to know your really enjoying yourselves and making the most of your time away.I hope the next part of your adventure is as good or better.Take care of each other and luv to you both nan.

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