Whilst in Pattaya we heard of a place called Tiffany’s which is the unique combination of a shooting club by day and a transvestite cabaret show by night. We were told that the show is the only five-star entertainment in Pattaya and not to be missed so we decided to investigate and we’re glad we did.

Jack was keen to check out the shooting range but due to the cost I declined. He brought 10 small rounds for 500 baht and it was all over in 2 minutes, but he had fun. He hit the target 6 times and once inner chest ring so he was pleased with himself.

Later, the cabaret performance was highly entertaining and the costumes beautiful. Mostly you’d be hard pressed to know they were transvestites especially the star of the show (see photos.) unfortunately, you’re not allowed to take pictures of the show, just before and after but it was a highly entertaining evening and there were plenty of families there too.

The Sanctuary of Truth.

Another main attraction in Pattaya is the soon to be completed (in 2025!) Sanctuary of Truth which is an incredibly intricately carved wooden… sanctuary (for lack of a better word.)

Although the Sanctuary is still being built it’s already a major attraction and there’s plenty to see and do. It’s nestled by the sea in Northern Pattaya and it has everything from Elephant rides to foot massages. We paid for a package that allowed us to approach by horse and cart and circle around the structure and have a foot massage after we’d finished looking around.

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