Fuxian Lake, Green Lake Park and Nan Ping Jie

After a few weeks of settling into Kunming some of our co-workers invited us to Fuxian Lake which is about a 3-hour drive from Kunming city in Wuxi. The lake itself is very pretty and there’s an island that some of the others swam to in the middle. Unfortunately we were ill most of our time there so I only have a few shots from the little amount of time we spent outside our hotel room.

We’ve also been exploring Kunming’s city centre called Nan Ping Jie. We’ve even worked out how to use the buses and which ones go where mostly through trial and error of jumping on random buses and seeing where they go. It’s actually a good system where you pay either 1 or 2 RMB depending on if there’s aircon or not, you don’t say anything to the driver and they stop at every stop on their route regardless and you just hop off when you want. It means there’s no awkward ticket buying in Chinese and it’s a regular service too. We also visited the Bird and Flower market and Jack had to stop me from buying all the cats.

The Bird and Flower Market (very loud)

It was my birthday recently so we decided to visit Green Lake Park which was an unexpected surprise, it’s very big given it’s in the centre of Kunming and to be honest it’s more the kind of experience I’d been hoping for when we came to Kunming. We went on a weekday and it was still quite crowded, lots of older Chinese people were playing Mahjong or cards in little groups, there were aerobics classes and kids at the amusements and a whole string of market stands. It was nice just to walk around and take in the scenery. It felt like we’d left the city but we were really at the centre of it. We’re thinking of going back there for our wedding anniversary and maybe renting one of the pedal boats and getting some food. If the weather’s nice it will make for a nice romantic day out.

Fishes in Green Lake:

Aerobics and Dancing:

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2 thoughts on “Fuxian Lake, Green Lake Park and Nan Ping Jie

  1. Thanks Nan xx

  2. nan lacey.

    just to wish you both a very happy 1st anniversary loads of luv andtake care nan.xxx

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