I was home early from work today as I currently only have one class on a Sunday and I’d fallen asleep whilst reading. When I got up I felt pretty lousy so I had some Red Bull to wake up a bit. About 15 minutes later I had the weirdest sensation, it was like when you’re really hungover and the world spins… so I stood up and it was like being on a ship at sea swaying back and forth. It was at this point I noticed the chandelier and the clothes hanging on the balcony were all swaying violently as well. Basically I thought the Red Bull was making me hallucinate, (especially since when I was dehydrated I thought the cat had been talking to me.)

Anyway, so I go into the lounge and there’s these crystals hanging off the lights and they’re all swaying as well. I look out the window and Kunming looks the same as ever and the cat is fast asleep, not bothered.

I decide that it’s either an earthquake or I’m going mad so I quickly grab my shoes, handbag and a cardigan and head out assuming I still have my sanity and things could get worse, (I didn’t know what to do with the cat since I wasn’t sure what was going on.)

I sat in the gardens downstairs for about an hour afterwards reading and no one seemed to be bothered at all, but thankfully the shaking had stopped.

When Jack got home from work I said, “so, did you feel anything strange around 4:30 pm? Like an earthquake?”

He said no, (and he’s only 20 mins up the road!) But one of the Chinese teacher’s had mentioned something about an earthquake within the province that came up on her news feed.

Turns out what I felt was an aftershock of a 6.1 magnitude earthquake that struck just north of Kunming.

There’s an article about it on BBC News. Apparently, it’s the biggest to hit the province in 14 years and there’s been lots of damage and casualties.

I’ll tell you, being on the 27th floor of a high-rise is pretty scary when the whole building starts to sway!!

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