On Sunday we were invited out with the Chinese staff to KTV. It’s basically Karaoke but the difference is you book a room that is dark with huge TV screens to sing along to and you can order as much food and drink as you can budget. Whereas in the west Karaoke isn’t that popular (probably because we tend to sing to an audience of strangers) in China KTV is the thing to do on a night out.

Our night out was paid for by the school so we didn’t have to pay for anything. We had already eaten at school so we didn’t share in the food but we enjoyed having a few beers each. The other foreign teachers couldn’t come so it was just me, Jack and one other teacher, Dave with most of the Chinese staff. It was a fun night out and definitely worth experiencing this side of Chinese culture.

Luckily there were quite a few English songs including old songs from The Beatles and newer songs like Florence and the Machine and Avril Lavigne’s Girlfriend. We ended the night on Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody because what better way to go out, right?

It was a nice way to get to know more about our Chinese colleagues as we usually only see them at work when everyone’s very busy. Generally if you don’t have a class with a CT it’s quite difficult to get a chance to speak to them.

Perhaps if KTV was imported to the UK more people would be up for karaoke? By removing the singing in front of strangers element everything is much more relaxed.

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