Kunming Natural History Museum

After having lucked out on the dinosaur exhibit at the City Museum we decided to investigate the Natural History Museum of Zoology weren’t disappointed.  It was full of taxidermy animals from all over China and most importantly it had some impressive dinosaur fossils. One of which stood as tall as the interior of the building.


The displays of dinosaurs and animals are spread over three floors with a glass-floor viewing platform on the fourth floor (which I refused to walk over).

The dinosaurs were pretty cool and just what I’d been hoping for, having heard that Yunnan has been an excellent place to find fossilised remains, it was nice to see some of the evidence.

We recently watched an episode of BBC’s Wild China series which featured an episode on Yunnan and it mentioned some of the animals that we saw at the museum so it was nice to be able to see them up-close. Specifically this was the Snub-Nosed Monkey found in the cold northern parts of Yunnan and the Red Panda (which we’ve previously seen at Kunming Zoo) which is one of the cutest animals ever.

The museum would be great to take some of our middle students to as I think they’d really enjoy the exhibits. There were even some touch screen and funky floor light displays for kids.


I used GoKunming again to write down the museum address but the directions were a little off as it took us to the road off of where the museum is located so there was some confused conversation back and forth between us and the driver but we found it eventually. It cost just 20 RMB each to enter and it’s well worth the money. It has four levels although the fourth is just the glass walkway viewing point so I’d say it’s either about the same or slightly smaller than the City Museum and it took us less than two hours to walk around. You can take photographs here unlike in the City Museum which restricts the areas you can photograph and there was a lot of well written English compared to some of the Chinglish we encountered at the City Museum. We got a taxi back home as well but whilst we were driving we worked out that it would have meant 2-3 different buses to get us home and a walk to the first bus stop so I think we made the best decision.

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