As yesterday was a nice day we decided to go for a walk by Dianchi Lake in the south of Kunming. However, we were a bit surprised to find the lakeside busy with locals posing for photos whilst feeding seagulls of all things!


Feeding the gulls

Feeding the gulls

As it turns out this isn’t so unusual after all as despite my own personal view on seagulls as vermin that steal ice-cream cones and wake you up at 5am when the old lady next door has been out feeding them again – to the people of Kunming they are an annual attraction. Each year in Winter the gulls migrate south from Siberia to settle on Dianchi lake and Green lake for a few months due to the warmer weather. The locals then buy bread to try to entice them to feed from their hand whilst camera toting vendors rush to take a photo of the moment before selling it to them.

It was quite a sight to witness all of these birds squawking and flapping overhead as numerous Chinese tourists gathered for photos of them. Meanwhile, we witnessed a bit of comedy when a woman tried to sell us some bread to feed the birds (to which we declined) and was then immediately chased by three officers on e-bikes for being an un-licenced bread seller. The woman ran away but was quickly stopped due to the large crowds and generally not really giving it her all with the running. The officers took her bag of bread away and gave her a stern telling off before slowly driving away again.

Below are some photos of the seagull madness and one of what we had come to see – the lake with Xishan in the distance.


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