I intend on adding to this list as time goes on, but so far here are some of the websites I’ve been using/reading lately that have proved handy and/or entertaining.

Travel Related:

XE A handy currency converter

SkyScanner A flight comparison site Our favourite site to book hotels

Never Ending Voyage blog A travel blog about a couple from the UK


Jobs board One of the main TEFL job boards

Using English Forum A handy place to figure out those grammar problems

World comparison chart for TEFL jobs An insight into who hires when and for how much

Oxford Seminars A TEFL certification company with handy teaching resources and a comprehensive global EFL school database

UVolunteer A volunteer site for teaching projects based in Thailand, Ghana and Costa Rica.


GoKunming An expat forum for those based in Kunming, Yunnan

CTrip For organising your China trip

MKL A handy guide to life, work and TEFL in China


Thai Visa Forum An expat forum for those based in Thailand

Take away pizza in Loei The best pizza delivered to your door (and the rest of Thailand as well)


Convert PDF to JPG A handy converter when sending off documents

Download YouTube videos A handy tool for showing youtube clips to students when teaching

Asset Carpenters The family business based in Devon, UK

If you’d like to swap links then please send an email using the form on the contact us page for consideration.

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